John Morgan

Spencer: So uh John, how old are you and how long have you been pushing wood?

John: I’m 24 now, been kickin around rip sticks since about the 5th grade, so like, close to 15 years? My dad bought me my first board when I was 7, it was a Shorty’s G.I. Victims deck. My mom was bummed.

Spencer: You’re from Seaside but you have lived in a couple different places right? 

John: Yeah, I grew up in Seaside, when my parents split I bounced around between my mom’s place on the coast and my dad’s place out in the woods near Jewell, OR. So I think I think I got the best of both worlds growing up. Moved to Eugene, OR after high school for a few years, then found my way out to Portland.


Spencer: Aside from “J-Mo,” What’s your best nickname? I have heard Brutal Noodle, Gumby, Spaghetti Man… 

John: Oh man, there’s so many… They just keep evolving too, there’s: Johnny-Mo, J-leigh, #seasidejohn, Jo-Mo, Moses, Leigh Harvey, Moses Malonis Gustavo Hernandez, Liquid, Willow Tree… I can’t even go on.

Spencer: What’s your secret to wooing over so many babes?

John: Haha never teach the Wu-Tang

Spencer: Slappy or No-Comply? I know you love both but you can only choose one. 

John: No-Comply: because as endless as the possibilities are, you can always do one onto a curb.


Spencer: Favorite crew to skate with and where?

John: Goonies Crew at Seaside, anyone at BSSS(RIP), and nothing beats beers and a sunset session at Gabriel Park with Kenny Coombs and Jacob Frehling.

Spencer: What are your other sponsors?

John: Tactics Boardshop, The Portland Wheel Company, Saga Outerwear (flow), New Balance# (flow)

Spencer: End this with some words of wisdom. 

 John: Stay Lame.

Tread Lightly, Shred Brightly

“Be Liquid” – Bruce Lee

And, Locality: It’s a habit worth forming; the means will justify the ends.

Kick, pop, believe.