Johnny Turgesen



I grew up in Medford, Oregon, a smaller city right next to the California border. When I was about 13 years old I was at the time, playing football.  I hated it so much but my mom said if I finish up the season she would buy me a skateboard.  I finished that horrible season up and then started my path to only doing fronside ollies. Dieta to me means brushing my teeth or taking a shit, it’s part of my day and skateboarding is part of my daily routine.

5 Questions:

Favorite Park: Medford, Oregon or Brooklyn street (RIP)
Sponsors: Bones(flow), Ace trucks, Witchcraft Hardware, Jack’s Board House.
Most influential skateboarders: Steve Reeves, Lance Mountain, Goon
Favorite Food: Que Pasa in Portland, Oregon
Words of advice: Eat good, die slow